How To Have a Safe and Satisfying Cybersex

Pornographic contents are easily available nowadays, thanks to the internet. People can watch, download, and even hire people to have sex with them online. As these contents and sexual activities are booming and the internet has been a space for sexual satisfaction and flirting, anything is possible.

There were studies that cybersex, that starts from cyber flirting, is somehow associated with psychosocial problems. This means that a person who is doing cybersex activity may be a sexual addict who constantly seeking for a new sexual partner, constantly using pornographic content and constantly masturbates.

But not most, some are engaging into cybersex for adventure, relaxation and setting of mood. Most couples who are in a long distance relationship are doing cybersex to fulfill their desires and needs. Climaxing without actually touching each other is the biggest challenge of cybersex. It requires tons of imagination, creativity and sexual desire.

But, do you know how to be safe and satisfied when doing cybersex? Consider these tips to ensure you are doing cybersex in a secured and satisfying way;

  1. Make sure you are single. This means you are not married nor in a relationship because cybersex can be addicting and could lead to destruction of your relationship. This could also be used against you if your online sexual partner is already into you and have the tendency to blackmail you in the long run.
  2. Know the risks of online sex. You may feel anonymous and secured when doing cybersex, but actually, you are not. There are instances that you will feel attached to your online mate that will lead you in giving real information about you. Don’t ever do that. You may trust the person but know their real intention.
  3. Look for a private space. You want to focus on the activity not on the people who might be standing at your back. You can do this when there’s nobody in your house or you know no one will knock on your door. Dim your place not only for security but also to add elements of intimacy, excitement and surprise.
  4. Be respectful when you are in a chatroom. You cannot expect a person to just jump onto you and have cybersex. Be respectful and know the person better. Most of all, make the person feel comfortable first for this is the road to a satisfying sexual play. It’s good to have a cybersex to a not total stranger.
  5. Start with a flirty chat before turning on the webcam. When you think the person you’re targeting is already comfortable, you can now start the flirty talks. Start with naughty lines like “I wanna melt in your mouth, not in your hand.”, “I think you have a nice legs..what time do they open?”, or “I have a big size shoe, wanna screw?”. Arousing starting lines can make your online sexual partner be more engage in the activity. Once the coal heats up, the fire will burn.

  1. When things are heating up, you may request for a webcam session. Cybersex wouldn’t be complete and satisfying without actually seeing each other doing sexual acts. You may request for a full view of their body or just a particular part where your sexual partner is comfortable to show. Remember, be respectful. Do the play.
  2. Make horny sounds but don’t fake it. This signals your partner that you are enjoying the cybersex. This will add more heat, too.
  3. Touch your private part and imagine your online sexual partner is the one who is doing it to you. And when you or your partner is in the drive of climax, focus the webcam to your sexual organs until released.