8 Tips On How To Keep The Intimacy Alive in Your Relationship

Every relationship is experiencing different challenges and circumstances and one of them is infidelity. Cheating could happen to the majority of people. A large percentage of couples all over the world are affected by it. There are three common reasons for cheating; character train, relationship or sex dissatisfaction and situational when given a prime opportunity.

In addition, a chemical called Dopamine plays a very important role in a person’s body for it to feel the satisfaction and desire it needs. When you are in love or physically attracted to someone, the level of Dopamine in your body increases. But after 9 months to 3 years, it decreases and if it happens, the interest of a person to his or her partner gets diminished – that’s when temptation comes in.

If your relationship is currently experiencing intimacy issues, don’t lose sight of hope. You can boost this Dopamine level back and keep the intimacy alive in your relationship by following these tips;

  1. Take care of your body and improve your appearance. If your spouse in no longer attracted to you physically, maybe it’s about time to change your wardrobe and upgrade your clothing style. To keep your spouse excited all the time, always look your best and wear attractive attire even without occasions.
  2. Spend more quality time with your partner. No matter how busy your scheds are, make sure to take moments when we can or set up a day or three on which you two can relax and enjoy just like the old times.
  3. A gift is a great way to express your love, gratitude and appreciation with your partner or spouse. Gifts don’t have to be very expensive. Simple gifts like writing a poem, offering a massage, greeting card or cooking his or her favorite dish would mean a lot to them.
  4. Experts say, getting out of the bedroom and expanding sexual experiences by changing locations can make sex life more exciting. Moreover, it helps couples get connected during and after the experience. You can try it at the backyard, on the stairs, in the shower, in a car, on the beach, at a hotel or at a friend’s place.
  5. Have a bath, wear attractive lingerie, refresh yourself and apply mild perfume even after work. Your partner or spouse feels attracted to you when you look good and smells good.
  6. Stop nagging. Your high pitched voice is not only ineffective, it erodes love too. Be soft spoken and point out your concern in a reasonable manner.
  7. Lose some weight and get back in shape. When you take of your body, you are not only saving yourself from possible health risks, but you are also saving your sex life and physical intimacy. Both of you have agreed to stay faithful to one another, so it seems only rational that you should both make an effort to be healthy.
  8. Improve your communication style. A healthy communication is a good foundation of a strong relationship. Healthier communication requires finding the right time to talk face to face, admitting your mistake, listening wholeheartedly and expressing positive reactions.