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The entire mature women fixation phenomenon can be attributed to several factors. It is why things have changed quite dramatically for older, mature women. Not only as if pertains to dating, but also as how society views them when it comes to sex. For decades, mature women had to take a backseat as society embraced typical older male dating patterns. Older men were generally seen with a younger female next to them. Although the men were very old and the girls they were dating were young, no one seemed to care. But, whenever an older woman dated a younger male, people would react differently.

That went on for quite some time until the individuals on the internet became hungry for adult content that contained older women. The happened once the acronym ‘MILF’ became one of the most popular on the web. Millions of individuals were visiting sites trying to find any kind of sex pictures, animated sex GIFS images or hardcore porn videos with MILFS in them. Within a short time, mature women were part of many people’s sexual fantasies. Part of the appeal came because everyone typically knows an older woman in their life. It could be a hot older school teacher, a mature store clerk or the sexy mother of a friend. A lot of these people began to fantasize about having sex with these older women.

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